Executive Search

Win the brightest minds for your enterprise, and make them stay.

Highly qualified specialists, experienced executives and managing directors with profound industry knowledge cannot be acquired by job advertisements. And money is no sufficient motivation for them to join your company. The most competent candidates cannot be inspired but by exciting challenges and convincing opportunities.

We are specialists in Executive Search and find managing directors, executives and specialists who will be a perfect match for your company and who will relate to your objectives. We have a superior network of top candidates at hand, continuously fostering our contacts. Along with our structured approach and a distinct sense of human nature, we are able to quickly accomplish even the most exigent recruiting mandates.


The basis of the Executive Search is a comprehensive requirement profile. In a detailed discussion, you outline your requirement to us and we prepare an itemized and comprehensive job description. Then we investigate on possible conflicting interest and define our search strategy.

Search of candidates

We start with a comprehensive and fast market and data base research. Furthermore we make use of our contacts to insiders to generate recommendations. Following an evaluation of potential candidates, we start our direct address to find whether they are interested in a new challenge. An initial list of candidates is generated in the course of this research and evaluation process.

Selection interviews

During the interviews with the potential candidates, we review their qualification once again. The main purpose is however to obtain a direct and detailed impression of their personality, motivation and targets. We show him or her the opportunities and challenges of the position and determine his or her conditions for a change.

Following a detailed evaluation of the interviews and a comparison with the job profile, we prepare a list of the best matching candidates and compose a confidential dossier for each of them, presenting the essential information for you in a management summary. We present the best candidates and you decide whom we are to invite for a personal interview.

Presentation of candidates

We present the selected candidates in a personal interview and procure more references. Then we advise you in selecting your top candidates and support you with our profound sense of human nature, and with our experience from many interviews.

Conclusion & Follow Up

We provide further support and mediation during the contract negotiations, and the Executive Search ends with the signature of the contract. But our service does not end here: we support you with the integration of the chosen candidate and take charge of the rejection information for the other candidates. Furthermore, if the contract with the employed candidate is terminated, we offer a free-of-charge replacement within the first 12 months.

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