HR consulting

Success can be planned!

Where are you now, where do you want to be and how do you get there? As specialists in HR consulting of technology oriented enterprises, we help you develop a sustainable HR structure and we provide holistic consulting, from staff requirement analysis and -planning and recruiting to HR development and staff retention.

With a clear definition of target and a systematic approach, using efficient tools and proven procedures, we create a solid basis for your long-term corporate performance. Why don’t you benefit from our long years’ experience in managing and consulting and make use of our superior sense of human nature.

Requirement analysis

Where is a shortage of staff, where is a need for qualification? These are the questions that need to be answered. With our experienced view from the outside, and based on a systematic analysis, we can show you exactly where you are.

Requirement planning

How is your brand going to perform within the next years and decades? Which changes will take place in your staff, due to pregnancy or retirement and also due to a change of requirement? Which qualifications will you need tomorrow? Let us take a look into the future together and develop some realistic scenarios which you can get prepared for.

Strategic development HR management

Set the course today for your success of tomorrow. We assist you in preparing a strategy for staff management and development, recruiting and retention.

Implementation of strategy

We will give you all the advice and practical support you require for a successful implementation of your HR strategy. We can also provide support, if necessary, by offering coachings for your executives or seminars on staff management topics.

HR Consulting compact!

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